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Dec 29, 2012 1:30am PST
. and a deadly shooting at oikos university in oakland left seven people dead and a community in shock. and obama care was given the seal of approval by the u.s. supreme court, now poised to take on prop 8 and the defense of marriage act. california's high-speed rail stayed on track but just barely. the controversial bullet train came under fire from many sides with funding still in question. the state parks were saved from closing but suffered another setback when an unused surplus of millions of dollars was discovered sitting in a secret account. and there was also excitement. the golden gate bridge celebrated its 75th anniversary, and a new bay bridge neared completion. the mars curiosity captured our attention and imagination, turning thoughts to the possibility of life on other planets. and with their backs against the wall, the san francisco giants refused to die, bringing home their second world series championship in three years. and of course, belva davis retired after hosting this show for nearly two decades. >> well, that gives us a little refresher of what we've just been t
Dec 14, 2012 7:30pm PST
francisco airport, oakland airport, will be under water. the san francisco giants will have to build major flood walls around the ballpark so the center field doesn't fill up with fish at high tide. and then, you know, not only that, the question is, who pays for all this? there's going to come a point where they do what's called manage retreat. we're already seeing it in some places where if your apartment building or house is starting to fall into the ocean, it's too bad basically. you have to move it backwards. and they're not going, you know, the coastal commission and other agencies are not going to give as many permits or any, frankly, for building close to the ocean or the bay anymore. >> you mentioned al gore, which alludes to the whole politics around climate change. i find it ironic that now the science is catching up. or the reality is catching up to what the scientists told us 20 years ago. it's too late, whether we believe it or not anymore, isn't it? >> that's right. the only question now with climate change is how severe is it going to be? we still have time to lessen the im
Dec 8, 2012 1:00pm PST
captioning by vitac, underwritten by fireman's fund >>> an unprecedented surrender. the oakland police department gives up authority to a court appointed director. is it enough to avoid a federal takeover? california schools are poised for a tidal wave of money, nearly $3 billion over 5 years. to make schools greener. a bleak future for african-american school-aged boys. it's one of several alarming findings of a legislative committee study. >>> plus, a conversation with an education innovator, sal khan, on a mission to bring a free world class education to anyone, anywhere. >> it's really about the student taking ownership of their own learning. >> coming up next. >>> good evening. welcome to "this week in northern california." big news today from the u.s. supreme court on gay marriage. before we get to our other topics, we'll briefly discuss that with our panelists. joining me tonight are jill tucker, "san francisco chronicle" education reporter. matthai kuruvila, also with the "san francisco chronicle." and paul rogers with "san jose mercury news." the high court announced it
Dec 9, 2012 4:00pm PST
. but in local news, the oakland police department has for the past decade been under court order to make reforms. it stems from a high-profile misconduct lawsuit involving a group of cops known as the riders. now city leaders are hoping a last-minute tentative deal will avoid a federal takeover of the department. matthai kuruvila, i know you've been covering this story. what are the details of this settlement and what does it mean for the department? >> well, what this agreement involves is an agreement between the police union, the city and professors attorneys who filed this original civil rights lawsuit. what they've decided on is creating a compliance director. now, this would be a quasi mayor of oakland in a sense in that he gets to -- he or she would have the power to fire the police chief with the court approval. they would have the power to direct the city administrators. those are two things currently only the mayor has. it's limited in scope in that it would only effect the reform tasks that are incomplete for the police department. the city had been very concerned that th
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)